June 8, 2020 Updated Use Policy

The ARCC will loosen restrictions for facility use on Monday June 8th.


Hours will be extended to 5am – 8pm M-F.  Saturdays and Sundays will remain 12-6pm

It is still necessary to sign in and sign out of the building.


Customers under 18 will be allowed access starting June 8th.


The ARCC will still continue limiting capacity in the weight and cardio rooms. 


Basketball play in the gymnasium will be allowed.


The ARCC has been very happy to be open and serving the community, stay safe, happy and healthy!

June 1, 2020

On Monday June 1, 2020, the Aurora Recreation Community Center is going to open in limited capacity.

This page will reflect our current policies for use during the recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Hours as of June 1 

Monday through Friday 5am - 11am   3pm- 8pm

Saturday and Sunday : 12pm - 6pm.

Limit of 1 hour per workout

Total Capacity of facility 35 people.  


The ARCC, like many local business, has struggled to come to a fair and equitable solution to the restrictions that we are required to operate under.

We had felt that offering memberships, in a time of reduced value and access would be problematic.  We have received complaints, and feel that they have merit.  Therefore we are prepared to offer a variety of choices to our community.


If members, existing or new, wish to use our membership prices to use our facility, we are prepared to honor that rate.  People with existing balances, can opt to restart their membership.  However, our hesitation to offer memberships was due to the fact that we might not be able to provide service for the following reasons. 

  1. We have to close for deep cleaning due to COVID infection customer or employee.

  2. The customer is running a fever upon entry

  3. We are at capacity, and the customer is unable to enter at that time.

  4. We are not open due to reduced hours.

  5. We are unable to open due to no staff available due to illness.

  6. The customer is under 18.

If the customer is willing to sign a waiver that they understand that they are not guaranteed the time that they paid for, they may use their membership.

The ARCC will continue to accept Silver Sneakers and Renew Active as before, accessibility will only be during staffed hours.


We will continue to offer day passes for $3.00 temporarily, until we open in full. 

We are also going to offer a $30.00 - 30 day pass.    This card can be used by multiple people, and will not have an expiration date.  We are not responsible for cards that are lost.


As business, schools, hospitals, cities, community centers try to navigate these confusing, and difficult COVID-19 waters, please remember that at the heart, are humans trying to offer a service to the best of their ability.  There is no template.


Our hopeful plan of getting back to normal is this:

June 15:  Increase capacity, allow under 18’s, potential hour extension, potentially start Group Fitness Classes.

July 5: back to normal. 

This is fluid, and might change.

Have questions or concerns please contact us! 

June 15, 2020  Updated Use Policy

On June 15th, 2020 the Aurora Recreation Community Center (ARCC) will implement the following use changes, to reflect Indiana’s entrance into Phase 4.

The ARCC will resume 24-7 access for members.  Only members and day use patrons aged 18 and over will be allowed in after 8pm.  All patrons under 18 will be allowed to be in the facility if they are accompanied by someone over 21.  This is a return to what our rules were pre-shut down.

Day Passes will return to $5.  We will still at the moment sell 30 for $30 cards. 30 for $30 cards will only be usable during staffed hours, they can not be used in the drop box.  All non-member  entrances after staff have left must pay $5 in the drop box.

Beginning June 15th, we will resume offering group fitness classes.  Our current schedule is posted at https://www.aurorarecreationcommunitycenter.com/group-fitness-calendar

The Indiana Department of Health recommends that all seniors and people who are at risk continue to exercise outdoors and at home.  During this phase, we are unable to offer our Senior Strength, and Mind and Motion Classes.  We hope that we will be permitted to begin Senior Strength and Mind and Motion in the next phase.

Members with time credits that they have not claimed can continue to restart their memberships at their discretion.  While we hope that we will not be forced to shut down, there remains the possibility.  Any membership time claimed, cannot be guaranteed.


We are heartened by seeing our ARCC family return, as we have missed you more than you know.  So far the process of getting back to business has been smooth.  Please continue to be vigilant in your safety while attending the ARCC, maintain a social distance, and clean your equipment before and after to take charge of your health.  The ARCC will continue to have staff spend time daily to keep our center a healthy place to be.

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