Membership to the Aurora Recreational Community Center definitely has its privileges! The equipment and staff at the ARCC will have you feeling great, performing sports and activities better than ever, and all the while you’ll enjoy doing it. Whether you’re an individual or a family, there is a ARCC Membership Plan for you.

Membership Rates

                      Without Discount                

Single            $30/month                             

Family of 2    $45/month                              

Family of 3-4 $50/month                              

Family of 5    $60/month                               

Family of 6   $70/month                              

*families with 6 or more will add $10/month for every additional person

Single Visits are available for $5/visit during staffed hours.

Membership Rates

                      With Discount                

Single            $27.00/month                             

Family of 2    $40.50/month                              

Family of 3-4 $45.00/month                              

Family of 5    $54.00/month                               

Family of 6    $63.00/month                              

A 10% discount is available for City of Aurora residents, students (as single member only), Military, City Employee, or proof of Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance.

Want to join our team? Fill out an application and bring it in!

Job openings occur sporadically throughout the year.

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